"Ready To Grow"

The symbolic journey of a Gecko is one of LETTING GO & HEALING. The song "Leaving On A Jet Plane" comes to mind when I think of its symbolization.

"All my bags are packed

I'm ready to go..."

LETTING GO: I often see GECKO when a person is in the middle of divorce or ready to make it official. Mentally, either one or both partners have already left the relationship. The gecko often presents wearing a backpack, meaning you have everything you need to move on to NEW LIFE CYCLE. When there is any question of whether you should leave the relationship, Gecko will show up to tell you to trust that your inner guidance is true. The animal's feet are light and pacing back and forth like a runner waiting at a traffic light. Geckos are fast and agile. It's GROW TIME! Maintain poise through the decision you are making and you will escape unharmed. You can take care of yourself, as you are both clever and resourceful!

HEALING: Healing has an integral part of the gecko's energy. In order to grow in this juncture it is important to recognize the unresolved inner struggle that has been reflected in the your relationship/situation. Sometimes we have to blend in to get through the hard times, but painful lessons will be repeated if uncomfortable emotions/patterns are not addressed. There is work required! Being alone with your thoughts is a good thing and key when gecko totem appears. It will give you time to look at outdated beliefs and who you give your time and energy to. What insecurities have ruled your life up until now? Be willing to opening your heart and letting healing occur so that you experience new life. Gecko knows your truths your alone and is showing you that you are ready to Grow!

"My bags are packed, I'm ready to grow

Adventure is waiting, there are new seeds to sow.

Remember the good, life was just fine

But change is now needed, our fate is not mine." -Gecko

Core Messages:

* Changing dynamics in relationship

* Stand up for yourself!

* Communicate with confidence

* Master of flexibility & resiliency

* Claim your personal power

* Something inside you needs healing

* Shedding old issues

* Hope for rebuilding your life

* Rapid change

* Art of the perfect escape

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