Hot Pink Yoga Pants

After years of positive feedback from friends and acquaintances on my readings, I still get nervous about doing them. I guess it could be likened to stage fright? You may always have it, you just have to push through!

Many years ago I sheepishly asked a good friend of mine to give her a reading. She happily agreed and was stunned when I told her what I saw. The animal presenting for her that day was a pink flamingo. My friend quickly exclaimed, "get out of here! I am wearing my hot pink yoga pants right now!" We both burst into exuberant laughter and our hearts were full of joy! All that worry about what would come up in the reading was a waste of my precious energy.

The timing of flamingo's appearance was spot on! Flamingo symbolizes the value of fun and expectation of love and happiness. The Flamingo energy was clear, reminding us to truly enjoy the company of others and take time out to play. Laughter is medicine as they say! Call on Flamingo when you want to be more vibrant and social. Stand tall, wear pink!

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