Dragonfly Cloud

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Even the most meaningful encounters with animals are overlooked regularly, but the DRAGONFLY seems to have an impressive and memorable presence. Most people have at least one animal or creature that they identify with rather strongly or are drawn to. I have noticed over the years that the dragonfly is one of the top 10 for many people. Is it the grace and mystery they exhibit? Perhaps it is their otherworldly iridescent wings?

In my experience, the core symbolic nature of the dragonfly's existence can be broken down in to one word, ILLUSION. The dragonfly reminds us that to be human means that we need to be physically oriented. However, we must cut through the illusion that the physical world is the "real" world. When in fact, the spirit world is our true home.

Ask yourself:

1. Am I taking my life too seriously right now?

2. What is real and what is made up from the constructs of my beliefs?

3. What might you be missing because your attention and focus are primarily on

the physical?

Dragonfly Cloud Story: I feel that the primary message of dragonfly is clear to me now, but it wasn't always that way. It took me many encounters and a profound mystical experience for the message to sink in. My last summer before graduating college, I was renting a room from a woman in a twin cities suburb. One morning I decided to venture out into my new neighborhood. The fresh summer air, co-mingled with my light thoughts, created the perfect recipe for what I experienced next.

I looked up to the sky to a "cloud" of dragonflies. There were so many I couldn't count them all as they hovered above me. My walk turned into a jog. As I ran, I continued to gaze up at the winged creatures in total disbelief. A period of what seemed like seconds, turned out to be minutes. I realized that I had no idea where I was! In a moment of panic, I remember thinking "where do I go now"? "How do I get back home?" Just then, as if I had spoken the words aloud, the dragonfly cloud swiftly changed directions. The spiritual warriors were hovering at attention and pointing the way! They began moving, so I followed them and they lead the way all the way home!

Next time you encounter a DRAGONFLY, stop, breath and SMILE! and... remember...

* The simple presence of an animal is enough to bring you into the present

moment. You have to let it be enough in order to experience the bliss!

* It doesn't matter if not even one other person can see it or feel it if it's real to you!

* Stay present to the unfoldment of your journey. You have freedom in each

moment to change and adapt to the twists and turns.

* Let yourself explore what illusions created by your thoughts might exist in your life.

Dig deeper into the areas that you repeatedly say, "I should" or "I have to".

* Do not take life too seriously! Transformation and evolution are occurring

whether you have your serious pants on or not. Choose the lightest path!

"You must cut through the illusion that the physical world is the real world. When in fact, the spirit world is our true home." -Dragonfly

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