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Updated: Feb 3, 2019

One of the things I love most in life are analogies. I like them almost as much as symbolism! Beyond the obvious "whale's are mammals, people are mammals" comparison, there is another gem. This particular whale analogy came to mind when I was thinking of a sensitive friend who grew up in a household where it was a modeled behavior that emotions were held in. When you think about all of the thoughts that we have each day, then it makes sense that we have a lot of emotions to release.

Much like the whale's blow hole function, our emotional releases are necessary for survival. Yes, I said survival. As you can imagine, without the proper flow of the whale's spout, it is guaranteed that the whale would die. There are similar devastating consequences when humans do not allow the flow outwardly of their emotions in a healthy and self-loving way. Releasing emotions regularly is critical to your life force energy. In a person with pent up emotions you might see them being rigid, slow to speak, depressed, anxious, unable to lose or gain weight, or have digestive issues.

Symbolism of Water: Whale and water go hand in hand. People who resonate with the whale energy tend to be very emotionally sensitive individuals. I see this totem when internal pressure has manifested in a person who tends to keep emotions bottled inside. Water in general has a long held symbolism of emotional depth. In the traditional Tarot the water element is the suit of CUPS. It embodies emotions and intuition. The energy of water is receptive, adaptable, purifying and flowing.

Overwhelming feelings are typical for emotionally sensitive people, and like water, need to flow freely.

Exhaling in all forms is a necessary part of life and like the whale we too must exhale to release. Breath, creativity and emotions go hand in hand, so using art or any creative activity is ideal. Allow yourself a continuous stream of creative release regularly, so that it doesn't have to come down to forceful spout of emotions! However, if it is all you've got, that is OK too! Just let it out...

"Come join whale at the surface once in awhile! Breathe. Release. Repeat."

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