Totem Loving Care Reading

This reading exemplifies my vision for TLC.  It is designed to connect you, the curious seeker, with the Totem Animal that can offer valuable insight into your current state of being.   Often times we know how we feel, but we can't make sense of it.  The animals validate and inspire in a loving manner. When fear and challenges enter your life, guidance is near!

PDF document includes:

  • Symbolism and messages which I receive intuitively.

  • Powerful visualization of your animal, which shows you your current emotional state and what may be causing it.

  • Wisdom from a Spirit, Shadow, Power or Medicine animals

  • Oracle/tarot card meanings revealed & explained.

  • Gem stone that can be used to accentuate healing

  • Overview of the theme of the reading and how all messages work together in your life

Try it for yourself or as a gift for a friend!  It's Fun!




SAMPLE reading for website.png


"Amy is the Jane Goodall to my Gorilla Totem, facilitating the connection that makes my truth known"

-Mary from Minnesota-

"I found the mole riding the bicycle with the red balloon in her right hand both playful and profound.  The message was packed with truth and I will continue to ponder this image"

-L.R from Texas-