Totem Loving Care Reading

This reading exemplifies my vision for TLC.  It is designed to connect you, the curious seeker, with the Totem Animal that can offer valuable insight into your current state of being.   Often times we know how we feel, but it is comforting to have it validated in a loving and gentle manner.  Ready to wake up?!

PDF document includes:

  • Symbolism and messages which I receive intuitively.

  • The primary chakra the animal who is with you now and wants to help you heal.

  • Powerful visualization from your animal, which shows you your current state of being.

  • Wisdom from a Spirit, Shadow, Power or Medicine animal

  • Card meanings revealed & explained.

  • Gem stone that can be used for healing

  • Overview of the theme of the reading and how all info.ties together

Try it for yourself or someone else.  It's Fun!

Sample Reading



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