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Would you like to see yourself more clearly?

Do you need more room for joy?

Is there a challenge you are experiencing?

Animal Wisdom can help!

Some people talk to animals.  Not many listen though.  That's the problem.  -A.A. Milne-

Hi, I'm Amy

Interpreter & messenger of unconditional love

Intuitive Healer

Welcome to the wild world of totem animals and the symbolic messages they bring forth!  As an intuitive empath, I have always had the ability to sense internal struggles, imbalances and emotional pain in others. My sensitive nature has helped me see truths and shine a light of unconditional love on any situation, which makes totem animals and I such a likely pair.

Animals play a huge role in our lives...

Let me show you how animal wisdom can help you understand yourself better...

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Giraffe holding red heart card in the mo


I believe that you don't have to be up against

a wall in life in order to grow.  However, it's

often during tough moments that we begin

paying attention to signs and yearn for a

deeper spiritual connection.   It becomes easy

to work through uncomfortable life experiences when we apply loving care to every situation.




-L.R from Texas-

I found the mole riding the bicycle with the red balloon in her hand both playful and profound.  The message was packed with truth and I will continue to ponder this image

-Mary Ellen from Minnesota-

Amy is the Jane Goodall to my Gorilla totem, facilitating the connection that makes my truth known

Naomi from Minnesota

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